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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Marry with Pathan girl / women in Australia

Pakistani Women searching life partner in Australia, She is living in Brisbane Australia, originally from Pakistan, She speaks Pashto and English. Her mother tongue is pashto and prefer Pathan men as her life partner, others nationalities from pakistan can also send thier details as long as they are interested to start marriage life with Her,. 

A Single Australian Muslim women frpm, Brisbane Australia looking for marriage with Pakistani or Indian Men, living in Australia. 

She is well educated and an attractive, loving lady and caring person. Like children and a happy family. She is 35 Years old, Divorcee and want to start life from scratch and want to form family,
Pashto speaker men from any where in the world can send his details to our e-mail as long as he is educated and handsome,

Pakistani men for Muslim Girl in London, UK

Pakistani men , Groom in UK for marriage with Muslim Girl from residing in UK. He  belong from Lahore ( Pakistan ) but live London, he came here for studies in 2007. I completed my Studies. Currently doing ACCA . Hopefully, next year will be finish.
He is honest and hard working boy, he is working in a retail shop, you can contact him personally to meet him, will found him well mannered.

Single Muslim Sunni Groom in UK

Pakistani Single Muslim Sunni Groom / Men in UK, looking for Muslim girls for marriage in all over UK, India and Pakistan. he is educated and earning more than 5 Lakh in Pak rupees, He is just 27 years old, he is Chartered accountant by profession, he is smart, Punjabi speaker, well establish and successful in life, 

He is divorcee due to difference in opinions he is looking for Simple, educated girl from UK mainly.

Pakistani Single Muslim Men in Miami Florida, USA

Pakistani Muslim Men in Miami Florida, USA looking for never married Muslim girl from India or Pakistan. He is 42 Years old, and struggled so hard to become a successful businessman in USA. Now he is managing textile manufacturing plant. He is fit , simple caring easy going, hard working, friendly person.
He speaks Urdu and English, he is looking for pretty smart from good family with religious values.

If you are Urdu or Hindi speaker girl, living in USA age from 25 to 35 Years old, this is golden opportunity to get a open minded ,. successful and Handsome Muslim men as your life partner,. Women and Girls from Pakistan and India and also suitable for this match.

Never married Muslim Girl in London, UK

If you are looking for "Pakistani never married Muslim sunni girl in UK for marriage", congratulations. I have a wonderful proposal for you, My client who is living in London, UK. She is Punjabi and Well educated, Exactly 5 feet tall, age is 29 years old which is perfect for any Pakistani groom from 29 to 35 Years Old. In her words "I am friendly, straightforward and lively "
Her family is looking for well educated, broad minded and friendly, She is earning good amount in Pakistani rupees, any well educated groom who fulfill this criteria, should be Muslim Must, Groom can be Indian or Pakistani,

Pakistani girl for marriage living in Oman

Pakistani girl for marriage, who is Single never married Muslim living in Oman. She is my client, who speak Punjabi and English Fluently. her profession is fashion designing,.

She is just 23 years old, one of the most young and beautiful Pakistani girl who approached  our matrimonial service with full confidence,.

Her parents are looking for an educated Groom from USA, UK or Middle East, should be never married Pakistani single Muslim men and age below 28 years old,. He can be Doctor, Engineer or an MBA, if he speaks Punjabi it will be treated as plus point for him,

Indian Men for marriage

Indian Men for marriage in Chennai, India with any Indian girl or women  in USA, UK, India, Thailand or Dubai, 

He is well settled in His life managing his business in India and Thailand, he is an owner of some famous dental colleges and managing one school in Thailand. My respected Client is Hindu, rich guy of around 33 Years Old, His marital status is separated.
He can marry an Indian women in USA, UK, India, Dubai or in any city of India, He prefer educated Hindu women, who is either never married, divorcee or separated.

I found him polite and Intelligent in his dealings on phone and on skype, In my point of view he is perfect to start wedding life in India or Thailand,.......

Send him an e-mail and expresses interest in Him, Any Hindu girl who is interested in this marriage proposal is more than welcome,. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Matrimony sites

Matrimony sites

The word matrimony comes in mind when some one is looking for his / her life partner. The meaning of this word is same as marriage or matrimonial. When ever I think about this word I get confuse because every single Muslim has a desire to marry with some one and most importantly every second has wish for second marriage. People think that marriage is something which is related to sex only, which is a very wrong concept, marriage has its own dimension in which aspect of responsibility and to live your life for your wife and children.
After marriage you have to earn for them, so in simple when one gets young or you can say become major in legal terms, he / she thinks to find life partner which is not as easy to date some one. Culture and environment is changing, technology has also played a very vital role is making options for people and now people do every thing to find perfect match. They spend money on paid and time on free matrimonial websites.
The task of finding some one online is very hard to achieve but internet and google help people in finding correct life partner by giving you the most important or you can say best websites on top. Matchmakers are always a better option to save your time and money both because they perform their duty on behalf of their client which is sitting in London and looking for a girl in Mumbai or Karachi. Matchmakers travel thousands of kilometers each year to make complete database of Muslim and Hindu boys / girls those are living in Pakistan or India and looking forward to marry with a person who is British or American national.  
The marriage sites are not only bringing two families together but they also killing communication gap between the two countries. Now its becoming very common that a man from Pakistan is doing marriage with an Indian  woman in UK. People are understanding the very basic concept  that marriage give rise to peach and prosperity between the two minds and states. Cross cultural marriages are also giving rise to healthy children which ultimately leads to healthy and beautiful minds those think for the betterment of not only form their mother land but also for their father land.

Take care and promote healthy  marriage life style

Monday, 2 July 2012

American national, USA citizen, Muslim sunni Girl for Marriage and Shaadi, women

Via Flickr:
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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Free marriage proposal, Hindu, Indian, Girl, US National, American,Indian women in USA, Punjabi

Via Flickr:
I am offering a free proposal by using my free matrimonial service for Hindu Indians living in USA either girl or boys, men or women, Hindu, Indian, Girl, US National, American, Indian women in USA, Punjabi, free matrimonial, free marriage service,

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  • Saturday, 12 May 2012

    love marriage and arranged marriage

    love marriage and arranged marriage
    love marriage and arranged marriage

    Love Marriage Or Arrange Marriage
    Now a days every one think that either he or she go for Love marriage or arrange marriage. Actually this is a very sensitive topic, some people want to do love marriage because they think that love marriage is more better than to do arrange marriage. Their point of view is this, that they think before living together in their whole life they should know each other & also meet each other so they come to know about their likes, dislikes & other habits which can’t be possible in arrange marriages in our society. You know we live in Pakistan which is quite a conservative country & where people don’t like that girl & boy meet before marriage, but now trend change even in arrange marriages girl & boy meet with each other, talk every day & this also helps to understand each other but I think the instinct of do love marriage is not full fill by this also.
    Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage is become a very important question for everyone, some have the opinion that arrange marriages are more better because in love marriages usually in our society & culture, family don’t support mostly & also do not interfere in the issues of couple.People say that love marriages mostly get failed because  ego problems comes & because of this they do fight.Like before marriage if one from them come,if other one is angry but after marriage you could only think about that & the reason is Ego problem…..
    But I say  whether you do love marriage or arrange marriage, if you have understanding & you trust on your life partner than you can face every problem. So if you intend to do love marriage or arrange marriage, believe me just trust on your life partner your life will be beautiful as like you think it could be. Love marriages also have many benefits, main is that you know each other very well  so couple can adjust very fast for each other. According to a research who do marriage by their Parents opinion Or Match Maker tend to feel more love for each other & it grows & grows as time grows. Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage, couple must have a good compatibility rate among them & that requires a  chemistry!!!!

    Jia Ahmad

    beautiful girl

    beautiful girl
    The definition of a beautiful girl is that give pleasure when any one see her,or hear  her or u feel good  to think about her,you feel good to have around this is best definition of a beautiful girl. It is a common saying that beauty in heart also counts a lot equally. If a girl looks beautiful &  she is also beautiful from her heart that called a perfect beauty. You also commonly hear that beauty in looks not important but beauty in eyes matters a lot & if a girl have beauty in her eyes that’s the definition of a beautiful girl. But in my opinion the girl who is confident than she is beautiful. I meant to say every girl who look confident than we can say that she totally describe a definition of a beautiful girl.
    The definition of a beautiful is completely describe that lady who is kind, caring and whom you can trust. Your heart fills with sadness when she gone thats also truly describe a beautiful girl. You feel good when she is around you, who makes your day bright.A girl who is conscious about her self respect,this quality also makes her beautiful.Personally what I think if you are beautiful from your heart than it will reflects from your eyes & if does than believe me You Are Beautiful!!!!
    The definition of beautiful girl not only means that she is beautiful from outside,it means that she must possess good sense of humor having a good smile that just brighten your day also.Some people describe a beautiful girl who has beautiful eyes having fair complexion, attractive personality is also count as the additional bonus & should know about the social values & ethics. Every man wants her life partner must be beautiful,who is gorgeous, intelligent & having good character.There are two kinds of beauty we usually see in the girl:
    Outside beauty / Physical beauty
    Inner beauty / Emotional Beauty
    The physical beauty is that she looks beautiful from outside,means she is elegant,pretty,having awesome attractive personality is called outside beauty.The girl who is caring,humble,having low tempered comes in the category of Emotional beauty.All men when seeks their life partner they want a beautiful girl but remember the girl who have good heart will become a good wife & if she is a good wife than your life will be good.They should be loyal & dedicated.Beauty is not from outside,its reflects from inside!!!
    Jia Ahmad

    re marriage

    re marriage
    Actually a marriage starts always from happiness.Couple feeling that they are falling in love with each other & every one say that early marriage life is beautiful.At that time both feeling that they are the perfect match for each other because they don’t know much about their habits and  than this early married life replaced by arguments & fights & than they come to know that they cant live under one roof that leads to Divorce & remarriage.The increasing rate of divorce & remarriages in Pakistan is considered a shame because in the past few decades this word is un heard in pakistani Society. basically pakistan is conservative country even if the woman is unhappy not think about divorce because she don’t want that this label attach with her name & personality.Mostly women do compromises due to many reasons e.g financial burden,social pressure & her family not supporting her.She prefer to live a unhappy married life rather to divorced.
    So another most important factor in increasing rate of divorce & remarriages is financial independence of women,intolerant attitude.Basically Pakistan is a male dominating society & want their wives to stay at home,look after their children & parents & leave their careers & professional life.Sometimes this situation worse & play a vital role in increasing rate of divorce & remarriages.In my view Marriage is not an important task,commitment is very important thing. Lack of privacy is also the cause of Increasing rate of divorce especially it happens in joint system which cause problems between the couple & leads to divorce.Sometimes divorce have bad impact on your life,your health suffers a lot.Mutual tolerance & compromise can decrease the rate of divorce.
    In Pakistan the feeling of superiority also the main cause of divorce & remarriages. There is problem in Asian males that they don’t like female dominance, this can also lead to divorce. We can down the rate of divorce, all causes of divorce should be looked in to & corrected, and that’s the only key to have successful married life. We should not complain about our life partner, we should change ourselves for them this is love & commitment.So just renew your love by discussing your problems & issues with your life partner, Not Divorce but getting remarried is the right Solution!!!!!

    Jia Ahmad

    second marriage

    second marriage


    The act of man having more than one wife is called Polygamy. The need of second marriage arises If a married man is childless with his first wife, family members might recommend to marry a second wife.As you know that we are Muslims  & our religion is Islam. Islam gives permission to man that he can carry more than one wife,but if he is able/eligible to take second wife physically and financially & for man he should treat  his both wives in equal ways. You hear mostly that is necessary to take permission from first wife to do second marriage but according to some scholars it is not necessary to take permission from the first wife to do second marriage .    a husband should treat his with justice & show respect.
    The need of second marriage arises in our society due to many reason,first of all & the very important reason is that husband is involved in some one else that also ends in second marriage.The need of second marriages arises in our society if you have no children from your first wife or you have only in this situation the family of husband pressurize him to do second marriage.Some peoples have not fully healed from first marriage & they jump to second marriage very quickly like a fry pan is jumped into fire.A common saying is that a man cant forgets his first love & first wife.Because of this reason the second marriage fail.
    The need of second marriage arises mostly in our society due to husband family because they are the persons who play vital role in second marriage. Many people do second marriage because they are forced into it. The need of second marriage arises when there are some financial pressures,social pressures & also emotional pressures which leads second marriage. A common saying is that second marriage is more difficult than a first one.Sometimes if a husband is fall in love with other lady than that lady demands mostly to give divorce to first wife,&  that’s how her life destroyed even their children suffer a lot by this act.What you think in our society that divorced woman can live easily. Your answer must be in negative because she will suffer & if she have children they are the main victom of this act.So just think about your children before you want to do second marriage.Dnt throw your blood in the world of social animals.
    Jia Ahmad

    arabic marriage

    arabic marriage
    Marriages website for Arabs
    Arabic Marriages
    In Arabic world Arabian women were not allowed to meet males in their society, but, Arabian women can meet their grooms-to- be in the presence of their parents.  Arabic Marriages have been  changed in past 100 years,Their trends which were in past 100 years are different as compared to today.Arabic Marriages have now similar with today's marriages but they are very unique from one region to another even with in same country.The Arab marriages usually starts with the meeting of couple’s families & when they approve the couple.Arrange marriages are common in arab world.After that   Reading of Fatiha ( Engagement Celebration) event come hosted by Bride’s family in which Groom formally ask for the bride’s hand in marriage from her father or the eldest man in the family or in relative.After the father approval,the families read Surat Fatiha & drink sharbat prepared from flowers or fruit.Engagement in the Arab world is like wedding parties in which couple wear dress which they like & exchange rings.
     After that weddings dates are decided & functions starts from Henna Ceremony.In this function  the females members of the family decorate the bride’s hand & feet with heena.After that Kab-el-Kitab is also the marriage contract & a official marriage event & celebration.It starts with Imam who give small speech about about how the Prophet honored his wives & how women should treat their husband.It is more official actually because its infront of God (Allah) Two witnesses, sign their names to the marriage contract, and the couple is now officially married. The wedding is followed by celebration where music and dance dominate. food is served to the guest.
    After this,grand function held known as Walima or Valima (Arabic: وليمة‎ walīmah), The walima is performed after the nikah, (Arabic: نكاح‎) or marriage ceremony. The word walima is from aw lam, meaning to gather.some times people spend more amount of money but the idea is that to feed people with simplicity & a quality of food. Actually walima is a sunnah & it shows that a new life or a couple’s marital life has started.In this function all relatives from Groom & Bride family invited,A lavish feast offered to all guest & thats how Arabic Marriages are celebrated  in Arab world.

    Jia Ahmad

    Friday, 11 May 2012

    Find your life partner


    Anand Karaj is actually a prescribed form of Sikh Marriages.The Sikh Marriages are
    specially of two individuals in which they are in relationship of equal partnership.

    In Sikh Marriages the girl & boy choose each other & after that they approve each other
    than they seek their parents for blessing.

    In Rehat maryada strictly forbids all types of arrangements in marriages,because
    they donot viewed marriage as business transaction.Sikh also discourage consulting

    Kurmai is known as engagement ceremony is not necessary in sikh marriages but its some times performed.Mostly held in gurdwara.

    Kirtan is also a event in sikh marriages mostly held in gurdwara or at home of boy,Brides family come to boy house for short time.The groom is presented himwith Indian sweets.

    In east marriages of sikh,Sikh marriages are typically a three days function in which firstly mehndi n sangeet event come & celebrated with fun & frolic.Groom & his family spend the night at bride house.Ceremoney takes place in local Gurdwara.  In Sikh Marriages the bride usually wear heavily embroidered shalwaar kameez or lehga.The grrom also dressed in Long coat & churidaar pajama & pink . In sikh marriages the bride leaves her house to start a new journey, She throws wheat grains over the shoulders .The day after the wedding couple go usually to bride’s home  & Bride family give them present & a lavish feast.  MARRIED LIFE IS BETTER THAN  SINGLE MAN/WOMAN
    Married Life is better than a single man/woman because basically marriage is a link  between two people & these two peoples are companions.  Married life is better than single man/woman because married individuals have physical health & also they don’t have any psychological disorder.  Married life is better than single man/woman because they experience no depression & other related diseases.  Married life is better than single man/woman because married peoples earn more  money because they know they have the family, that’s why they work hard for their  loved one.But if we compare with singles they earn less money because they know that  no one there who want something from him. Married life is better than single man/woman because we get married for many reasons to share our triumphs, our failures, and our lives with someone else & most importantly to live happily.
    According to a clinical research being married improves your health,financial status.



    Married Life is better than a single man/woman because basically marriage is a link between two people & these two peoples are companions. Married life is better than single man ,  woman because married individuals have physical  health & also they don’t have any psychological disorder. Married life is better than single man / woman because they experience no depression & other related diseases.

    Married life is better than single man/woman because married peoples earn more  money because they know they have the family, that’s why they work hard for their loved one.But if we compare with singles they earn less money because they know that no one there who want something from him.

    Married life is better than single man/woman because we get married for many reasons to share our triumphs, our failures, and our lives with someone else & most importantly  to live happily.

    According to a clinical research being married improvres your health,financial status.


    Its Strange that second shaadi is also very strong tag and people are searching their second life partner on internet anxiously, its also worth noting that people those are interested in second marriage are comparatively wealthy and rich, compared to other single unmarried bridegroom, the profiles with second marriage are increasing in number and giving good amount as fees to personal matchmakers. launched with a clear vision to provide matchmaking services to paksitani and Indians living in SA or UK. People are still confue in matrimonial sites and personal matchmaking sites and most of the times they did not get proper answer which lead to their wrong choice of life partner and ultimate failure of their marriage life. its also true that marriage is not a bed of roses one has to compromise to make his / her marriage life successful. Personal mnatchmaker is more than a shaadi site where you first create your account and then login to shaadi site and start you search, no body is their to guide you , no body is theri to tell you that whether you are doing it good or bad. The success of your serach ultimate depends on your knowlegde about key words and other tools those are not easy for every one.  Mrs Ahmed who is well known and among the best matchmaker in India and Pakistan, she keep posting proposals on twitter for the betterment of Muslims and Hindus. She receive almost 100 profiles daily from boys and girls of respecatble and rich familes. Women are still reluctant to fill online marriage form, I want to clear one thing from this platform that as they fill an online marriage form that comes straight into my e-mail box and no body can view it except me. After reviewing that online form which a candidate has filled free of cost , Mrs ahmed sent a personal e-mail to that bride or groom living in UK or Dubai, stating clear amount of fees which is 100 US $. and then the whole story begins few replies are recived from people that you are charging less and some say that you are charging more, actually no body is willing to pay after marriage, I was watching a well known matchmaker Mr Merchant who did work for almost 17 years in Dubai and presently living in Norway, he clearly stated in his interview to ARY digital that 80% people do not pay single penny after marriage, he added that people invite every one in their shaadi except him, and I completely agee with him, what I mean to say that he is right to charge some amount at the start or before starting matchmakibng for that bridegroom. personal matchmaker is wasting his/ her time on net and searching for your life partner day and night to solve your problem.  

    A Bengali Matrimony is not as hard to find as to get a good Bengali matchmaker who does not only speak Bengali but also has 100's of Bengali bridegroom profiles, roughly more than 60000 Bengali are searching their life partner not only in Bangladesh but across World. is one of those few Bengali site where you can easily find Bengali bride or girl for Marriage.

    As we all know that a very famous sentence written on every card of Pakistani Marriages that ‘’Marriages are decided in heaven & celebrated on Earth”. Pakistan is a Muslim country & as a Muslim we highlight our Religion in every aspect of our lives.
    Pakistani Marriages are not an event only basically it’s a bond between husband & wife & also with their family.
    Pakistani Marriages are considered as a event of happiness, joy & where all family members meet & take part in different function of this joyful event.
    In Pakistani Marriages, First of all Groom family approves a girl and after that a function which is known as Engagement Ceremony held & all close relatives are invited for Dua e Khair for both groom & Bride.
    After that a series of functions are organized which include Mayoon,Mehndi,Baraat & Walima.
    In Pakistani Marriages Mayoon & Mehndi are called the functions for girls & boys in which they dance on medlays.In Mayoon function the married ladies which is also known as (Suhagans) apply ubtan on bride for flawless skin & young girls sing old  mehndi songs.
    In Mehndi function,a competition of songs is organize between Groom & Bride Family,after that young generation do dance & luddi,Mostly young girls wear yellow shirt with green choridaar pajama. Some girls also wear lehnga & gharara .Mostly boys wear shalwar kameez in mehndi.
    After this function the most awaited day arrived called Wedding day in which bride go parlour & wear red lehnga or gharara,Nikkah function is also mostly held on this day.Dates are also offered to the guests.Salaami is also awarded to Bride & Groom in Pakistani Marriages.Now the Bride is actually the property of Groom & her departure is held under Holy Quran known as Rukhsati.
    The last function is Walima which is from Groom side for bride family,A lavish lunch or dinner is offered from Groom side.Basically the Nikkah & Walima are the sunnah our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).

    Matchmaker , свацця , صانع عيدان الثقاب ,

    Matchmaker , свацця , صانع عيدان الثقاب ,

    صانع عيدان الثقاب

    تطابق صانع هو الشخص الذي فعل أو الانخراط في making.Now المباراة بعد أيام مباراة 
    صانع القيام بأعمال المهنة وذلك لماذا دورها وأهمية صانع المباراة / 
    مباراة جعل الزيادات يوما بعد يوم. الآن أهمية أيام من المباراة صانع تنمو بسرعة جدا أساسا لديهم واسعة المعرفة والخبرة بحيث يحاول ترتيب الزيجات من خلال تقديم 2 الأزواج. ومهنية تماما أهمية المباراة صانع في بعض cultures.Basically في بعض العائلات حيث ترتيب الزيجات حكمهم، فإنها عادة ما يتشاور المباراة صانع لل مساعدتهم في اختيار الزوج. بعض الفردي تشاور أيضا منهم للعثور على الزوج وفقا لطلبهم حتى نقدم للزوجين وتكون بمثابة جسر بين زوجين. أهمية صانع المباراة في مجتمعنا تنمو بسرعة لأن الآن أيام، والشعوب القيام به الاحتيال في علاقة أيضا، لماذا الآن أن أيام أن تتشاور مباراة صانع لأن لديهم جميع البيانات والمعلومات الحيوية الأخرى ذات الصلة حول الفردي. أهمية المباراة صانع لعب دور حيوي في مجتمعنا لأنهم هم الناس الذين يساعدون الشعوب من خلال مهاراتهم للمساعدة في الفردي للعثور على حبهم وحياتهم أيضا شريك. '' لذا تجد الحب الخاص بك عن طريق صانع ماتش "

    Pas outeur is 'n persoon wat te doen of betrokke raak in 'n wedstryd making.Now 'n dag pas 
    maker die werk te doen 'n beroep en dat die rede waarom hulle rol en belang van die wedstryd maker / 
    pas maak verhogings van dag tot dag 'n dae belangrikheid van die wedstryd maker baie vinnig te groei. hulle het basies die uitgebreide kennis en ervaring, sodat hulle probeer om die huwelike te reël by die bekendstelling van twee paartjies. Die belangrikheid van die wedstryd maker is baie geprofessionaliseerd in n cultures.Basically in sommige families waar reël huwelike is hulle reël, raadpleeg hulle gewoonlik die wedstryd maker hulle help om die lewensmaat te kies. Sommige singles ook raadpleeg om hulle te vind die gade wat volgens hulle die vraag sodat hulle stel die egpaar en daad as brug tussen 'n paartjie. Die belangrikheid van die wedstryd maker in ons samelewing groei vinnig want nou 'n dae, mense doen bedrog in 'n verhouding ook, dat die rede waarom deesdae hulle raadpleeg pas maker, want hulle het al die bio data en ander verwante inligting oor die enkelspel. Die belangrikheid van die wedstryd maker belangrike rol speel in ons samelewing, want hulle is die mense wat mense help om hul vaardighede singles te help om hul liefde en ook hul lewe vennoot te vind '' Vind jou liefde deur Match Maker "


    Матч вытворца гэта чалавек, які робіць ці ўдзельнічаць у матчы making.Now дзён адпавядаць
    вытворца робіць працу прафесіі і што таму іх ролю і важнасць матчу вытворца /
    адпаведнасці рашэнняў расце з кожным днём. Цяпер дні Важнасць матчу вытворца растуць вельмі хутка у асноўным яны маюць вялізныя веды і вопыт, каб яны спрабуюць наладзіць шлюбы прадставіла дзве пары. важнасць матчу вытворца цалкам прафесійнымі ў некаторых cultures.Basically ў некаторых сем'ях, дзе зладзіць шлюбы сваіх правіла, яны звяртаюцца звычайна ў матчы з вытворцам дапамагчы ім у выбары жонка. Некаторыя сінглы і кансультавацца з імі, каб знайсці мужа па іх патрабаванню, каб яны ўвесці пару і выступаць у якасці моста паміж парай. важнасць матчу вытворца ў нашым грамадстве імкліва расце, таму што цяпер дні, народаў рабіць махлярства ў адносінах таксама, што, чаму цяпер дні яны кансультуюцца адпаведнасці стваральнік, таму што ў іх ёсць усе дадзеныя бія і іншай адпаведнай інфармацыі аб сінглаў. важнасць матчу вытворца адыгрываць важную ролю ў нашым грамадстве, таму што гэта людзі, якія дапамагаюць народам свае навыкі дапамагчы сінглаў знайсці сваю любоў і сваё жыццё і партнёраў. '' Так Знайсці любоў матчу Maker "


    Match Maker ist eine Person, zu tun oder sich in Übereinstimmung making.Now ein Tag entsprechen 
    Maker tun, einen Beruf zu arbeiten und dass deshalb ihre Rolle und Bedeutung der Match Maker / 
    Match-Making steigt von Tag zu Tag. Nun wird ein Tag von Bedeutung Match Maker sehr schnell wachsen im Grunde haben sie die große Wissen und Erfahrung, so dass sie die durch Einführung von zwei Ehen arrangieren versucht Paare. Die Bedeutung der Match Maker ist ganz in irgendeiner cultures.Basically in professionalisiert einigen Familien, in denen arrangieren Ehen sind ihre Herrschaft, wenden sie in der Regel das Match Maker ihnen helfen, den Ehepartner zu wählen.Einige Singles auch konsultieren sie zu finden, der Ehegatte nach ihrer Nachfrage, so dass sie das Paar und fungieren als Brücke zwischen einem Paar vorstellen. Die Bedeutung der Match Maker in unserer Gesellschaft wächst rasant, weil jetzt ein Tag, den Völkern zu tun Betrügereien im Zusammenhang auch, dass jetzt, warum sie konsultieren Tag entsprechen maker, weil sie alle Daten bio & andere damit zusammenhängende Informationen über die Singles haben. Die Bedeutung der Match Maker spielen eine lebenswichtige Rolle in unserer Gesellschaft sind, weil sie die Menschen, die Völker von ihren Fähigkeiten helfen, Singles zu helfen, ihre Liebe und auch ihr Leben zu finden Partner. '' So finden Sie Ihre Liebe von Match Maker "


    Casamenteiro é unha persoa que está facendo ou se involucrar en making.Now xogo uns días corresponder
    fabricante facendo o traballo dunha profesión e que por iso o seu papel e importancia da fabricante de partida /
    facendo corresponder día aumenta ao día. Agora, un día Importancia da fabricante de xogo medrar moi rápido Basicamente, eles teñen o gran coñecemento e experiencia para que intenta organizar as vodas a través da introdución de dous parellas. A importancia da fabricante de partida é bastante profissionalizado nalgúns cultures.Basically en algunhas familias, onde organizan vodas son o seu dominio, eles consultan xeralmente o xogo fabricante de axudalos a elixir o cónxuxe. Algúns singles tamén consultala-los a atopar o cónxuxe de acordo coa súa demanda para que seintroducen a parella e actúan como ponte entre unha parella. A importancia da fabricante de partida na nosa sociedade a crecer rapidamente, xa que hoxe en día, os pobos do fraude na relación, tamén, por iso que hoxe en día eles consultan corresponder fabricante porque teñen todos os datos biolóxicos e outras informacións relacionadas cos singles. A importancia da fabricante de partida xogan un papel fundamental na nosa sociedade, porque son as persoas que axudan pobos polos seus coñecementos para axudar os solteiros a atopar o seu amor e tamén a súa vida socio. '' Entón Atope o seu amor por Match Maker "


    Match spécial est une personne qui fait ou de s'engager dans making.Now match de quelques jours correspondent 
    fabricant de faire travailler une profession et ce pour cela que leur rôle et importance de Match Maker / 
    match making jour augmente par jour. maintenant une importance jours de Match Maker croître très rapidement fondamentalement, ils ont la majorité des connaissances et l'expérience afin qu'ils essaie d'arranger les mariages en introduisant deux couples. L'importance de Match Maker est assez professionnalisé dans certains cultures.Basically dans certaines familles où arranger des mariages sont leur règle, ils consultent habituellement le match maker à les aider à choisir le conjoint. Certains célibataires aussi les consulter pour trouver le conjoint en fonction de leur demande, de sorte qu'ils introduisent le couple et acte comme un pont entre un couple. L'importance de Match Maker dans notre société de plus en plus rapidement, parce que maintenant un jours, les peuples ne fraudes en relation aussi, c'est pourquoi maintenant des jours qu'ils consultent correspondre fabricant parce qu'ils ont toutes les données bio et d'autres renseignements connexes sur les singles. L'importance de Match Maker jouent un rôle vital dans notre société parce qu'ils sont les gens qui aident les peuples par leurs compétences pour aider des célibataires à trouver leur amour et leur vie aussi partenaire. '' Alors Trouvez votre amour par Match Maker "

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