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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Pakistani Single Muslim Men in Miami Florida, USA

Pakistani Muslim Men in Miami Florida, USA looking for never married Muslim girl from India or Pakistan. He is 42 Years old, and struggled so hard to become a successful businessman in USA. Now he is managing textile manufacturing plant. He is fit , simple caring easy going, hard working, friendly person.
He speaks Urdu and English, he is looking for pretty smart from good family with religious values.

If you are Urdu or Hindi speaker girl, living in USA age from 25 to 35 Years old, this is golden opportunity to get a open minded ,. successful and Handsome Muslim men as your life partner,. Women and Girls from Pakistan and India and also suitable for this match.

Never married Muslim Girl in London, UK

If you are looking for "Pakistani never married Muslim sunni girl in UK for marriage", congratulations. I have a wonderful proposal for you, My client who is living in London, UK. She is Punjabi and Well educated, Exactly 5 feet tall, age is 29 years old which is perfect for any Pakistani groom from 29 to 35 Years Old. In her words "I am friendly, straightforward and lively "
Her family is looking for well educated, broad minded and friendly, She is earning good amount in Pakistani rupees, any well educated groom who fulfill this criteria, should be Muslim Must, Groom can be Indian or Pakistani,

Pakistani girl for marriage living in Oman

Pakistani girl for marriage, who is Single never married Muslim living in Oman. She is my client, who speak Punjabi and English Fluently. her profession is fashion designing,.

She is just 23 years old, one of the most young and beautiful Pakistani girl who approached  our matrimonial service with full confidence,.

Her parents are looking for an educated Groom from USA, UK or Middle East, should be never married Pakistani single Muslim men and age below 28 years old,. He can be Doctor, Engineer or an MBA, if he speaks Punjabi it will be treated as plus point for him,

Indian Men for marriage

Indian Men for marriage in Chennai, India with any Indian girl or women  in USA, UK, India, Thailand or Dubai, 

He is well settled in His life managing his business in India and Thailand, he is an owner of some famous dental colleges and managing one school in Thailand. My respected Client is Hindu, rich guy of around 33 Years Old, His marital status is separated.
He can marry an Indian women in USA, UK, India, Dubai or in any city of India, He prefer educated Hindu women, who is either never married, divorcee or separated.

I found him polite and Intelligent in his dealings on phone and on skype, In my point of view he is perfect to start wedding life in India or Thailand,.......

Send him an e-mail and expresses interest in Him, Any Hindu girl who is interested in this marriage proposal is more than welcome,. 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Matrimony sites

Matrimony sites

The word matrimony comes in mind when some one is looking for his / her life partner. The meaning of this word is same as marriage or matrimonial. When ever I think about this word I get confuse because every single Muslim has a desire to marry with some one and most importantly every second has wish for second marriage. People think that marriage is something which is related to sex only, which is a very wrong concept, marriage has its own dimension in which aspect of responsibility and to live your life for your wife and children.
After marriage you have to earn for them, so in simple when one gets young or you can say become major in legal terms, he / she thinks to find life partner which is not as easy to date some one. Culture and environment is changing, technology has also played a very vital role is making options for people and now people do every thing to find perfect match. They spend money on paid and time on free matrimonial websites.
The task of finding some one online is very hard to achieve but internet and google help people in finding correct life partner by giving you the most important or you can say best websites on top. Matchmakers are always a better option to save your time and money both because they perform their duty on behalf of their client which is sitting in London and looking for a girl in Mumbai or Karachi. Matchmakers travel thousands of kilometers each year to make complete database of Muslim and Hindu boys / girls those are living in Pakistan or India and looking forward to marry with a person who is British or American national.  
The marriage sites are not only bringing two families together but they also killing communication gap between the two countries. Now its becoming very common that a man from Pakistan is doing marriage with an Indian  woman in UK. People are understanding the very basic concept  that marriage give rise to peach and prosperity between the two minds and states. Cross cultural marriages are also giving rise to healthy children which ultimately leads to healthy and beautiful minds those think for the betterment of not only form their mother land but also for their father land.

Take care and promote healthy  marriage life style

Monday, 2 July 2012

American national, USA citizen, Muslim sunni Girl for Marriage and Shaadi, women

Via Flickr:
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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Free marriage proposal, Hindu, Indian, Girl, US National, American,Indian women in USA, Punjabi

Via Flickr:
I am offering a free proposal by using my free matrimonial service for Hindu Indians living in USA either girl or boys, men or women, Hindu, Indian, Girl, US National, American, Indian women in USA, Punjabi, free matrimonial, free marriage service,

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