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Pakistani Matrimonial USA / UK / UAE / KSA / Australia / Canada / Pakistan / Germany and Europe.
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Shaadi is actually a legal & religious contract between two peoples that they start a new life  as a husband & wife like one soul. The Creator of the Universe – Allah - has stated in the Quran:
                     ‘And wed the single among you’.(C24 : V32)
Just read above verse the Almighty Allah ordered us to marry.Shaadi is like to tie two
people of opposite gender in a relationship known as Nikkah.Shaadi is also declared as one half of one’s faith that’s why  The Prophet Muhammad 
‘A person who possesses the means to marry (i.e. he is able to work etc. to support a wife and children) and does not marry then he is not from amongst us (i.e. the believers).’
Some people have more than one life partner and is commonly known as Polygamy.If the man doesnot have those materials which can satisfy his wife than this means, he is not be eligible to have more than one wife. The basic objective of Shaadi according to Islam is healthy marital life that must be because of true love between husband & wife.
There are many advantages of Shaadi,By getting married you get a friend whom you can share everything,The one who take extra care of you,who love you.
The creator of this universe ordered us to get married,that means Shaadi has advantages for the human being.

According to Tom Mullen:

“Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry”

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