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Pakistani Matrimonial USA / UK / UAE / KSA / Australia / Canada / Pakistan / Germany and Europe.
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sikh marriage ceremony

Anand Karaj is actually a prescribed form of Sikh Marriages.The Sikh Marriages are
specially of two individuals in which they are in relationship of equal partnership.

In Sikh Marriages the girl & boy choose each other & after that they approve each other
than they seek their parents for blessing.

In Rehat maryada strictly forbids all types of arrangements in marriages,because
they donot viewed marriage as business transaction.Sikh also discourage consulting

Kurmai is known as engagement ceremony is not necessary in sikh marriages but its
some times performed.Mostly held in gurdwara.

Kirtan is also a event in sikh marriages mostly held in gurdwara or at home of
boy,Brides family come to boy house for short time.The groom is presented himwith
Indian sweets.

In east marriages of sikh,Sikh marriages are typically a three days function in which
firstly mehndi n sangeet event come & celebrated with fun & frolic.Groom & his family
spend the night at bride house.Ceremoney takes place in local Gurdwara.

In Sikh Marriages the bride usually wear heavily embroidered shalwaar kameez or
lehga.The grrom also dressed in Long coat & churidaar pajama & pink .

In sikh marriages the bride leaves her house to start a new journey,She throws wheat
grains over the shoulders .The day after the wedding couple go usually to bride’s home
& Bride family give them present & a lavish feast.

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