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Pakistani Matrimonial USA / UK / UAE / KSA / Australia / Canada / Pakistan / Germany and Europe.
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Bridegroom for Hindu Marriages

In Hindu Marriages basically they give the rights or authority to Groom & Bride to start their live with each other.First of all Groom family approve a girl & the function known as engagement or Mangni is held in which Groom family give Jewelry  & clothes to bride.
After that in Hindu Marriages they calculate the best time & date for wedding also known as Shub Muhhrat & than a series of function start.
Grooms wear mostly dhoti & shirt.Hindu Brides mostly wear Saari with heavy jewelry.Her hair is usually covered in a bun & with a crown over it showing that she is a queen of his Groom.
In Hindu Marriages garlands are exchange between groom & bride which shows that they accept each other from the core of their heart. After that in Hindu Marriages yogurt and honey is offered by bride’s father to Groom to show respect.
In Hindu Marriages an event known as kanyadan is held after offering honey & yogurt.In kanyadan bride’s father put bride’s hand in groom’s hand to accept her as her life partner.
After that in Hindu marriages the couple invokes fire and show commitment in front of this fire known as God of fire. Groom & Bride put rice in this fire as a sacrifice.After that scarves are tied around Groom & bride to show that they are one soul & reflecting Love.
In Hindu Marriages they also walk around the fire which is known as Pheras which reflects that they are going to start their new life just like we say
“A New Life A New We”.

Groom put red powder in brides forehead known as sindhoor & parents bless them.
A neckless which is also known as Mangal sooter is tied around the neck of bride which shows that now she is married.
That’s how Hindu Marriages are celebrated on earth.

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