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Pakistani Matrimonial USA / UK / UAE / KSA / Australia / Canada / Pakistan / Germany and Europe.
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Arabic Marriages

In Arabic world Arabian women were not allowed to meet males in their society, but, Arabian women can meet their grooms-to- be in the presence of their parents.  Arabic Marriages have been  changed in past 100 years,Their trends which were in past 100 years are different as compared to today.Arabic Marriages have now similar with today's marriages but they are very unique from one region to another even with in same country.The Arab marriages usually starts with the meeting of couple’s families & when they approve the couple.Arrange marriages are common in arab world.After that   Reading of Fatiha ( Engagement Celebration) event come hosted by Bride’s family in which Groom formally ask for the bride’s hand in marriage from her father or the eldest man in the family or in relative.After the father approval,the families read Surat Fatiha & drink sharbat prepared from flowers or fruit.Engagement in the Arab world is like wedding parties in which couple wear dress which they like & exchange rings.
 After that weddings dates are decided & functions starts from Henna Ceremony.In this function  the females members of the family decorate the bride’s hand & feet with heena.After that Kab-el-Kitab is also the marriage contract & a official marriage event & celebration.It starts with Imam who give small speech about about how the Prophet honored his wives & how women should treat their husband.It is more official actually because its infront of God (Allah) Two witnesses, sign their names to the marriage contract, and the couple is now officially married. The wedding is followed by celebration where music and dance dominate. food is served to the guest.
After this,grand function held known as Walima or Valima (Arabic: وليمة‎ walīmah), The walima is performed after the nikah, (Arabic: نكاح‎) or marriage ceremony. The word walima is from aw lam, meaning to gather.some times people spend more amount of money but the idea is that to feed people with simplicity & a quality of food. Actually walima is a sunnah & it shows that a new life or a couple’s marital life has started.In this function all relatives from Groom & Bride family invited,A lavish feast offered to all guest & thats how Arabic Marriages are celebrated  in Arab world.

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